Are you moving in or out of the Hills District and looking for a place to store your belongings during settlement? Or perhaps you’re travelling on an extended holiday and need more long term storage. No matter what your reason Cherrybrook Removals & Storage will have a storage solution tailored to suit your needs. Servicing all areas of the Hills District, we have a long standing quality reputation for reliability, affordability and unmatched customer service.

Hills District Storage

Take as Long as You Need

Do you just need to clear a space at home for a limited timeframe? Perhaps you’re selling your home and want to remove some of the clutter gathered over the years, even if it’s only whilst your home is open for inspection. A few days or few weeks, our short term storage solution is just what you need. Our systems guarantee minimal hassle and handling of your goods for these short periods too, making hiring our storage so much easier and reducing the risk of breakage. If you are looking for a longer storage solution over a few years, we can help with that too.

Going Mobile with Storage

We believe in minimal handling when it comes to storage and our mobile storage systems certainly delivers on this belief. Our fully equipped truck delivers right to your door in the Hills District allowing you to observe your belongings being wrapped and loaded. Once full, the storage modules are then delivered to our storage facility, lifted off the truck by forklift, sealed and safely secured until it’s time to redeliver. If you’ve got any further questions…just ask us how it all works.

Affordability is Key

Sometimes just saying the words ‘moving house’ can incur additional fees with some storage suppliers. But at Cherrybrook Removals & Storage we understand that moving costs can really stack up if you’re not careful. If you were to use a self-storage facility you would no doubt be up for fees to unload at the facility and then reload back onto the truck when you’re ready for delivery. So that’s why we have taken some steps out of the process by only loading and unloading only once into one of our modular storage systems meaning you only need to pay once, not twice.

Best Hills District Storage

Keeping Belongings Clean and Safe

Don’t be too concerned about how tightly you’ve packed your goods in to storage containers and boxes. The safety and cleanliness of our storage systems and your goods is paramount so we use plywood storage modules. It’s breathable and prevents against mildew, dust and damp which contribute greatly to deterioration.

Whatever the reason for your storage needs in the Hills District, contact Cherrybrook Removals & Storage TODAY for friendly advice from those in the know