De-clutter your home before you sell

Cherrybrook Removals & Storage can help you to de-clutter your home in preparation for photography for the sale of your home and for open home inspections.

More and more real estate agents are encouraging their clients to create a “show home” look to achieve the best possible sale price for their home. However, most of us don’t live in show homes, and need to remove furniture and possessions to create this look. Cherrybrook Removals & Storage can help you to de-clutter and put your furniture into storage while you are selling your home.

How it works

  1. We deliver packing cartons to your home ahead of time, for packing of excess clutter and personal items. For an additional price, we can also provide specialist packing services.
  2. We bring our storage modules to your home on our custom built module trucks.
  3. We do all the hard work, loading packed cartons and excess furniture into the storage modules.
  4. We then take the storage modules back to our secure storage warehouse.
  5. When you have found your new home, we will arrange delivery of your stored goods.

Our storage rates are highly competitive and we can store your items for any length of time you choose.

Booking in our de-clutter service

Contact office on 9484 0680 to book in our de-clutter service today!