How our affordable mobile storage system works:

We pick up and deliver your storage for you!

  1. Our portable storage modules are delivered on our fully equipped truck straight to your home or office.
  2. Your furniture and other belongings are loaded directly into the modules so you can see everything going in and being packed, wrapped and handled.
  3. Then the timber module is sealed and delivered straight to our fully secure gated storage facility, where it is forklifted off our truck and left sealed, secure and untouched until it is redelivered.

Best Short Term and Long Term Furniture Storage Solutions in Sydney at Affordable Rates

  • Moving overseas or interstate?
  • In between homes?
  • Selling your home and need to declutter?
  • Or just tired of the stuff that surrounds you?

Whether you’re storing for a few days or a few years, storing in a module is cost effective and keeps your goods in the same condition as when you left them. Our system eliminates unnecessary double handling with minimal risk of damage.

Affordable removal and storage solutions

Using Cherrybrook Removals and Storage for your move into storage means that your furniture and possessions are only loaded and unloaded once. If you were to move into a self-storage facility, you would need to pay for your goods to be unloaded into the storage facility, and then loaded back into the truck when you move out of storage. Our modular storage system means you only have to pay for your goods to be moved once, not twice!

Clean and safe storage

The reason we use plywood for the storage modules is that it is breathable and remains at a constant temperature which prevents deterioration that occurs from damp, mildew and dust.

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